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Southeast Vermont Transit operates The MOOver, the best resort community transit system in Vermont. Our trademark buses sport a Holstein motif, making the MOOver easy to "spot" and fun to ride! The MOOver is free, and last year provided 290,867 rides. We provide year-round deviated fixed route and demand-response services. Deviations are available up to 1/4 of a mile upon request at least 24 hours advance. To request a deviation call us at (802) 464-8487.

All schedules are subject to change due to weather, traffic conditions, funding or other factors.



 December 18, 2016

           WILMINGTON – The MOOver starts its holiday schedule on Monday, December 19th.

            The Greenspring and Mount Snow routes start midweek service December 19th with one bus operating on each route 8:00 am-5:00 pm.  On December 24-25th there is no Brattleboro service. On December 24-25th the Route 7 MOOver ends at 6:00 pm. On Monday, December 26th there is no Bennington service, and on the same day the Route 7 MOOver starts its second bus on route which leaves Wilmington at the bottom of the hour 8:30 am-4:30 pm.

On December 26th the Greenspring route goes to three buses through January 2nd. The Lower Lot parking shuttle is scheduled to operate December 26th-January 1st. The Upper Parking lot shuttle runs weekends and holidays starting December 24th.

            There is a drop zone change that will affect the Lower Parking Lot buses this winter. The Lot D Lower Parking Lot shuttle stop will be at the shelter next to the MOOver’s.

            New this year, riders can download the Swiftly app to see where their bus is and also to receive real time estimates when the bus will arrive at your stop or where you are standing. Go to the Apps Store or Google Play and download Swiftly. Because this is a beta program, you must be in the Deerfield Valley to use this app.


            For more information, call (802) 464-8487 or visit